How can I learn videography? – How Do I Make A Video Of Myself On My Laptop

Videography can be learned very quickly with all the resources available. When I first learned it, I had no idea exactly how to use it and I was totally blind for years. Nowadays more and more people are getting into the world of filmmaking. With the right preparation and the right understanding it is a no brainer to be a videographer of any type. It is a very rewarding career!

How can I start out? What kind of equipment does I need?

If you are starting out and looking to become a professional, these are things to get your head around and get started – video cameras, lights, lighting equipment, lenses and more!

Get a good pair of camera lenses! I personally recommend a Canon G5 or Nikon D500.

Get a good video recording tripod. Get a decent tripod that can take the weight of your camera and hold it firmly in place. If possible, get a tripod that is made for video, not film.

Get some good tripod handles. When you are filming from a crane, it helps to be able to quickly take one or two heavy objects off the wall and then use your hands and feet to keep a steadier level on top of the footage. This gives you the strength to hold a steady focus on the footage. Don’t forget: the footage you film will affect your video for weeks afterward.

Get a good sound system. You will need one in order to take your video back to your clients and to edit it all afterwards. If you do want to shoot in the studio, you are going to need a studio audio system.

Get a good mobile phone capable of streaming online video.

Once you have these things together, you will be ready to start!

Do I need a camera?

Yes! If you make a lot of film footage as a videographer, you are going to need a camera. It not only gives you all of the necessary tools to capture your footage but also helps you learn how to work with a camera while you are shooting.

Do I need a tripod?

When I was first starting out, my tripod ended up costing $200 (not including shipping). But with the right equipment and training I have reduced that by about 50% and now mine is only $10-20.

You can get better value with a cheaper version of your tripod as well, but I am still getting paid to shoot using a tripod. My current camera tripod ends

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