How can I shoot better videos?

There are several different methods to improve your videos. The one we recommend you take is the “Binocular Setup Method”, which involves taking a set number of exposures and then focusing them together in post production. Binocularing is an important aspect of film making, as any shot that is shot through a dark frame is far less likely to be of quality. There are two main principles to Binocularing, and they are:

Focus in all of the shots, except for when the subject is in the frame and you have no reason to change the focus in post production.

This doesn’t mean that your eyes have to be focused in every shot – the best way is to put your camera with lenses at a distance or near to the subject and leave them that way.

Take at least four exposures and then adjust them all together.

We’ve already talked about the two main principles of the binocular method in our example of the “Hanging Lights” shot of “The Revenant” – you can do the same with your videos.

We suggest you do some light training with your camera and lens to get used to shooting with these different focal lengths in video.
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“If I said the words, ‘I am sorry’ it won’t stop a bullet,” says Sen. John McCain, who had the nerve to come out so quickly about the shooting that “it was like an omen.”

McCain has a habit of saying shocking things publicly about domestic terrorists. His comments on today’s shooting are a new low. After Sen. Ted Cruz called the shooting an “act of violence against the men and women of Fort Hood” and said the perpetrator wanted to kill a “number one target” of the federal government, McCain immediately came out against him, saying, “I don’t know what else you can call it, which is a terrorist attack.”

This is not surprising, given that McCain was not there on the day of the attack. In December, McCain had criticized Cruz for his comments following a terrorist attack in Garland, Texas, where two people were killed by an ISIS sympathizer.

While he supported that statement, it is clear he was not there that day as a witness.

While the Texas shooting at which Cruz was attacked was an act of a crazed madman, the Fort Hood shooting has nothing to do with ideology. It appears to be an act of radical Islamists. McCain did not call the shooter by name, though the attack did occur