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For YouTube, you can use our recorded video converter to do it. This is the way it works:

Step 1 – Setup

First of all you need to be able to record your video.

It should have resolution of 1920×1080 pixels (this might vary depending on what camera it is)

You have to open the Google Play Store and open the video app by going to your devices main menu.

Step 2 – Record video

From the camera’s menu, you’ll be able to play a video file. Select it.

It will give you the option to convert it into a video file (if you haven’t done this already).

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Step 3 – Convert video into mp4 file

From this screen you have to specify the size of the video in terms of video files.

Once you do this, your video will be converted into a .mp4 file.

This can be found on your computer in the ‘Video Files’ folder.

Step 4 – Upload video to YouTube

Simply click the ‘Upload video’ on the next screen and paste it in ‘Video Files’ folder.

Go back to ‘Playlist’ and choose the video you have uploaded.


After nearly 20 years in the business I’ve noticed that most new retailers are only now starting to realize the true power of the internet in store buying and sales.

With a few exceptions there are no online retailers that reach the masses of Americans that are just getting into the market.

The reasons for this are threefold:

No one has to wait for stores to arrive

One day in order to complete sales that should have been done that would have been done weeks ago.

Online retailers have no inventory to sell to retailers

This has its roots in the ’50s, but it’s no longer an issue (I’m still waiting for a new edition of ‘What’s New In Electronics’).

There are just as many online retailers in a local markets as there are brick and mortar retailers.

The fact is the majority of retailers are still small family owned businesses, who simply can’t do business online.

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