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For this, you have to get really good and get used to it. You will become extremely frustrated because you have to learn all of the tips, tricks and shortcuts from a tutorial, and it is hard to get good, you need good inspiration for new and old ideas.

The American Legislative Exchange Council, the organization’s “bigger brother” and “grassroots” arm, sent a letter to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) yesterday threatening to launch a legislative challenge to his vote on a pro-Obamacare amendment. The letter highlights this amendment as “one of the most egregious instances of legislative sleight-of-hand on the floor of the Senate,” and cites other GOP senators who voted to change the bill in a way that “undermines the individual market.”

But Cruz’s support for Obamacare—he has been a strong supporter of the law—has been very clear in his public statements.

As my colleague Emily Swanson pointed out yesterday and as the New York Times reported today, Cruz said during a speech at the conservative Heritage Foundation in February that his vote in favor of the “Gang of Eight” bill is proof he is a true conservative. “If you like your doctor — and I do,” he added (using conservative shorthand for “Obamacare”) “if you like your health-care plan—if that’s your desire, you’re going to be able to keep that, if you are required to by law to have health care, you will continue to be able to have that, and the only change is you’re going to have more money to hire more doctors because the cost of health care in America remains at unsustainable levels.”

He has also explained that he was a strong supporter of ObamaCare, including the law’s Medicaid expansion. When asked during debate about whether or not he still has concerns about the health law’s cost-sharing reductions—which can reduce deductibles, co-payments, and additional out-of-pocket costs like copays and deductibles—he replied, yes and no. “‘Obamacare’ cost me $6 million in Obamacare cost,” he said. “Obamacare put my home mortgage, my life insurance at risk, which is the insurance I love. And this ‘government-run health care’ cost me a ton of money for my wife and children.”

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