How do music videos make money? – Shooting Without A Tripod

The vast majority of music videos that are released on YouTube are created with video editing software. While YouTube has been known to make money by selling ad services, ads can’t be very profitable. Video production costs are much greater when making videos for money (and are also extremely high for small videos). With YouTube getting higher and higher, there is a great demand for music videos, for all that they can do for those that want to make their videos.

The next step is advertising, a big part of which is the YouTube advertising feature. The amount of money they can make with the money they gain from advertisers is very large.

If you look at the most popular songs on YouTube, you will find the most valuable song or the songs with the biggest reach do very well.

The most profitable song on YouTube, “Moves Like Jagger,” cost around $3,000 (yes, a million dollar song). That makes it the third most lucrative song on YouTube at that point.

YouTube Music Artists

Once you are able to make money from YouTube music videos, you’ll want to find the talent on YouTube who will play those songs. The first of which are the artistes. As you can imagine there is plenty of talented people on YouTube, but the ones that get your YouTube views are the ones who play those songs. With the YouTube Music Artists feature, they have been able to create this new type of YouTube content without having the full cost of production. It’s a free service, but for most of us, it’s only a small step to profit.

I’d like you to take a tour of the new YouTube Music Artists feature:

Click on the top menu bar > Videos > Play Music on the top right, at the bottom left select Music & Videos

At the bottom, you’ll find a new section called Music Artists & Videos, click on this

You’ll now see the Artists or the artists that you want to find playing this music, these are the ones who play that song on YouTube and want to get paid for their work. Here’s a list of the most popular YouTube Music Artists, you can click on any of the artist to go to their page on the site.

These are the ones on our list of the top 10 YouTube Music Artists which are not in any of the categories: Rock, Classical, Country, Dubstep, Trap, Pop, R&B.

Once you make your selection, go to their site to

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