How do you plan a music video shoot?

It begins by thinking creatively. Why can’t I make what you saw that day a video for an hour long set, a big dance party? So you don’t forget what to shoot and what not to shoot for a good set. There are so many different things you can shoot.

What kind of gear or equipment do you need?

Any sound and lighting gear that will allow your character to move. A great example is if you’re shooting a music video for BeyoncĂ© at the end of the day (it could be the whole video), a lot of people are gonna be in the bathroom and you don’t want them to have to step into the room when it’s time to start the scene.

Another good option is you could record on GoPro. When it comes to video filming I like shooting on the GoPro because you can get really clear and focus. It’s just really easy to use.

How do you choose which footage to work with for your first music video?

Mostly it’s about mood, mood and mood. The more realistic you make the music video the better the video.

As you start filming I see the look of the people in the room and what their vibe is. I think of other people I know that will look a lot like them so as I’m filming I’m looking for inspiration.

What kind of camera do you usually use for your music video shoot?

I’m shooting a Panasonic Lumix GH5. You know the one all the kids are shooting now? It’s pretty cool. It’s got a pretty good lens and a really nice viewfinder too, but I use it mostly for still shots.

But it’s one of the best cameras for music videos because not only do you have a good lens but it shoots video so that you have something that moves, and something to make things move.

How do you plan for a set?

There are a few different ways a lot of the music video companies have filmed their music videos. So when I go to meet and set up with my crew I have them all sitting and talking. They have to know what to do at a specific place. For me, that’s the key, the first idea for the shoot, and then what’s the next idea and what happens and how that will come into the set.

Usually you start with a scene idea and how to make it bigger for the next hour long sequence. Then after that you do the full