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There are many things we can point to when talking about the new Apple Cinema Camera and how it fits into the bigger picture, but the big one should be the number of megapixels, and not so much the quality level. So let’s not get overly nitpicky about one or two megapixels.

When Apple introduced the iPhone 4 the new camera could shoot full frame HD, but we could not take advantage of it as many people did.

With the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus it is possible for the iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c to take 4k video, and while 4k is not going to be a new standard on a smartphone, it is a huge leap forward for photography. The 4k video produced by the new cameras can do 1080p HD, but at the same time it supports 4k video at 30fps on the 6s, and at 120fps on the 5c.

It goes to show again just how far 4k video recording has come in the last few years. The latest models are shooting 60 frames per second on 4k video, and can shoot at 240fps on high definition video (up from the 240fps that Apple’s cameras already shoot in 4k). These changes will not come into play until next year, when the iPhone 5s and 5c will have the same new 4k video capabilities with 60 frames per second (more on these later).
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That said, we’ve covered all the benefits of higher quality video over 4k images before, so if you’re still worried about it, you can switch to the higher quality video settings in the camera menu to take advantage of the 4k video features. For example, in one photo I took, I was able to shoot a 1080p HD video with 4k images and the camera has captured and uploaded them to YouTube and Facebook for you to enjoy to those you like. There may be a limit to how high quality video can be, as we still don’t know how much of the resolution and colors of a video you can play back in an iPhone and still feel it is quality. Still, the new iPhone models are shooting 4k video, so it is likely that even when we have the same high-definition video settings at a higher resolution, you will still be able to watch it in a higher quality format due to the higher bit rate of the new 4k technology.

4. Does all that 4k video make the images and video look clearer to you?

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