How many megapixels is good for a video camera?


As you are probably aware, the digital camera sensor is actually a combination of several elements, each with its own characteristics and performance. Therefore, in order to determine the quality of a camera, we will also first need to know the camera’s field of view, its sensor resolution, the lens focal length, the number of pixels, the amount of light-gathering area, the resolution of the image sensor in terms of pixels (per inch), the type of light sensor, the size of pixel-size and its light-absorbing capacity…and so on.

So what can we conclude from all of that? A good camera might have a sensor with a resolution of 200,000 x 200,000 pixels (20-megapixels), a field of view of 30-50 degrees, its focal length of 11-40 cm, it has a maximum depth-of-field of f/2.8, its lens focal length of 32 mm, and its light-gathering area of 150 μm2. Not bad for a camera that doesn’t cost that much.

The problem is that the resolution and field of view of a sensor are dependent on the size of the aperture of the lens used in the camera, and not necessarily the physical size of the sensor as long as the camera’s field of view and aperture are the same – otherwise, we wouldn’t have seen the result of the above calculation, would we?

The same holds true for the other dimensions that we are used to taking for granted: resolution, field of view and aperture. For example, the pixel-size of a typical DSLR camera sensor is between 100-350 pixels (20-80 pixels for wide-angle lenses).

So, what happens if we multiply the resolution of our sensor with the field of view, field of view and aperture we have taken for granted?

The answer to that question is that the result is, of course, exactly the same as before (image processing), but in fact the resolution or the size of the “good” camera’s field of view is not much higher than that of the “bad” camera’s field of view, it is the field of view of the DSLR that has changed from 20-50 degrees to 30-50 degrees which, in turn, affects the pixel count in terms of the number of pixels.

So the answer is not clear cut. If you really believe that our camera will be of only “a few” megap