How many megapixels is our eyes?

Your eyes are not like a digital camera, where photos are captured in a row. Rather, your eyes are like the camera on a high-resolution computer. Your eyes can capture only about 25% of what they can see.

As you can see, your eye can only capture about 25% of what it can see.

In other words, as long as your eyes can see at a high enough resolution, you will still get the information your eyes need to perceive the world visually. Your images from your camera will still be images, with the same resolution and sharpness. But they will not be as sharp as the real thing.

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Why aren’t all pixels the same?

All photos are made up of tiny amounts of information called pixels – bits of light (photons). These pixels are very small compared to the size of your retina, the part of your brain that actually sees. Just like your computer screen is only a couple million pixels wide, your eye at 50 inches of viewing distance has about 3.2 million pixels. That’s a lot. And that means you need to be very fast and concentrated to see everything with clarity.

What about those pesky digital cameras?

You don’t need all of those pixel to see a photo – the camera has already been taking its picture. The eye can perceive detail far greater than that of a digital camera. So, instead of 100 megapixels, we use 300-megapixel cameras, with a resolution of about 10 million pixels.

Why is the amount of information necessary so small?

We can see detail when we see it from our small (and highly specialized) perspective.

For example, when you are holding a photograph you are measuring 1/3 of a millimeter wide. When the camera takes your picture, it creates pixel-widths of a few millimeters. This allows information that would otherwise be lost from the picture to be seen clearly, allowing us to perceive its exact dimensions.

The same thing is true if you are walking at a street intersection in a city like New York. The corner of the picture is about 1/8 of a millimeter wide compared to a picture taken from 20 feet away from the sidewalk.

Why do all the best photographers produce high resolution photos?

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