How much do freelance videographers make? – Video Shoot Meaning

On average, a freelance videographer earns around $15-20 per hour, but there are no guarantees. You might earn the full amount just by doing some freelance journalism and/or writing jobs. Some professional videographers are able to easily work for less than that, while others could make anywhere between $20,000 and $50,000.

Are there freelance photographers who pay more?

There are hundreds of bloggers that do pay you for your photos, but you should make sure to check with others before you give money to them. Generally speaking, the highest pay for a freelance photographer is $150 from some online blogs, or around $20 a piece on smaller websites.

How can I make money as a freelance photographer?

You might have different interests from a video journalist, but you may want to use your skills as a video journalist to produce other videos. You might take photos during events that you’d like to get published on a website, or you might be a good editor for your company’s website or other media company’s website.

There are plenty of websites and services that offer freelance videography jobs, and you can find plenty of sites on your phone that offer freelance editing jobs, and many professional video bloggers work as freelancers as well. Just be sure to search around and make sure you’re finding a job that’s great for you.

If you have any professional questions about becoming a freelancer, or if you need clarification on some aspects of being a video journalist, feel free to contact us!

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