How much does a 15 second YouTube ad cost? – Event Videography Tips

A 15 second YouTube commercial is about $12,000 to produce.

What is a 60 second ad?

A 60 second YouTube commercial is about $20,000 to produce.

What is a 90 second one?

A 90 second YouTube ad is about $30,000 to produce.

Where is my cut?

If you get an outside ad you are entitled to a portion of the ad revenue. This is how you break even with outside sources.

What is my return on investment?

There is no actual ROI for the advertisement. An online ad is one click away. So what does an online ad get you? An impression, which is a conversion. But the impression is only a conversion if you use the service. If you never use the service you will lose the impression. So even if your website gets 1,000 views, you will only make $4,000.

What are the potential revenue sources for an online ad?

A lot of revenue sources are possible in a world that is all about online ads. These are some popular ad networks:

Paid Search


Social Networks

Paid PPC


Paid Display Ads

B2B ads

Ads on mobile

Ads on the web

Video ads

In fact it’s a whole web. So a lot of advertisers don’t even need to go outside of the US to start a business.

Some of the revenue sources available to you online may be:
Defensive Handgun



Paid PPC

Ad networks

Social media

Referral programs

The Internet

The future will not have ads everywhere, so advertisers will have to be creative to create new revenue sources.

In this post we have provided you with the following information on all the revenue sources available to the average person (the shopper: the shopper of the day). You will soon be able to determine what kind of revenue source you are qualified to create.

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