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While all three campaigns were paid for by the same company, the ads have different messaging, positioning, and timing. Here’s how they compare:

Youtuber’s $3,000 ad:

“Hey, look at this! I am an awesome dad & not a huge fan of the current Republican field. Why don’t you vote for me? Get to know me and check out all my cool stuff. Also, this isn’t a joke. If Donald Trump becomes president, you will need my help to make America Great Again.” -Youth President’s $1,000 ad: “I’m a 15 year old who has a passion for life, loves science, thinks the world’s smallest countries are the most beautiful, and has a dream to go to the moon.” (He’s not really the youngest but he still works with children.)

Youth President’s $6,000 campaign:

“Hey, look at this! I am a 15 year old, and I am about to take my college education and go live to Mars. I will give my brain to the planet for free. So if you don’t believe me, please, go to my website and vote for me. I will give every person on this planet a chance to be happy, free, and live life to the fullest.”

It’s the $4,000 “I am on Twitter, and I agree with everything” campaign:

“I am a 15 year old student named Jack. I think you should think about voting for me to take over the world. Just go check out my website to see what I do and vote for me. You and me both can be great leaders, and be a part of something truly great.”

As a reminder, the first campaign is a 14-second YouTube ad, the second campaign is a 60-second Facebook ad, and the last campaign is a full-page Facebook photo. This is the most expensive of the campaigns, but that’s the kind of high-level advertising that the FTC has taken aim at. Facebook’s $100,000 campaign is essentially all “like” buttons, text ads, and banner ads. They’re all designed to be promoted.

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What the FTC is doing and why

The FTC’s action was a result of their complaint against the Trump campaign, with the Trump campaign’s attorneys complaining to the FTC that they hadn’t made sure that all their content was “advertiser friendly.” As long as those ads

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