How much does a 3 minute video cost?

The above information is a general guide. If it is free, it is not a good idea to watch it.

The higher the budget, the harder it is to find a free resource or website. I find many things only online, such as YouTube or Amazon Prime Video.

How do you make money doing what you do?

I make money selling videos for youtube. It is just an average part of my income.

Will I make much money from this?

No. The vast majority of what I make from my videos is a result of my passion to share my passion: food.

How do you pay the bills?

I make the majority of my income selling videos. I pay the rent on the house for the time I spend making the videos and it helps me pay the bills.

My YouTube channel has been watched over 10 million times. I think it’s about 3 or 4 million, but I am only trying to keep it growing!

I think you need to be very careful when setting a goal like this, or you could burn out.

Will my future videos look so bad if I don’t follow my financial goal?

Sure, you may have a very slow growth, but in five years, you can be surprised with what you may have made, and I will probably make most of my money from free videos.

Will this blog become outdated?

It will be easy to get lost in the details, so I’ll get on with my life and start planning my future.

If you need help making this goal, the only way I can take care of you is if you give me a generous tip.

Thanks for reading and have fun!


By By Kesavan Unnikrishnan Feb 8, 2015 in Environment A study by the University of Toronto’s Institute of Biology, Health and Medicine, suggests that exposure to glyphosate and other herbicides may increase cancer chances in women exposed to high levels on their skin, according to Toronto’s Globe and Mail. The Institute of Biology, Health and Medicine, a university-based research center, conducted a “high-pressure study” to measure the level of glyphosate in the blood of more than 1,000 women, all of whom were in the bottom 5 percent of their income for Canada. As the Globe and Mail points out, the findings show that the exposure rate to the weed killer is up to four times higher for women who are “from