How much does it cost to record a music video?

An actor’s hourly rate for a music video is between $25 to $100 per hour. For a full day shoot, your hourly rate might be up to $250. For a couple hours, your hourly rate depends on the cost of the location. A few good sites that specialize in video location work are:

If you’d rather go to a location you’ve seen somewhere before, you can find a lot cheaper video locations. That includes commercial locations, art installations, and even small towns. If they’re open for business, your local business owners will often be willing to do these shoots for free. Even if they’ve got the budget covered, they want to make sure that they’re being paid fairly.

Can they do the recording myself?

As soon as you tell them about the gig, you’ll have to pay for any equipment or professional services needed for the session. In some cases, you’ll find that the studio is willing to provide equipment for the project. Others may have additional requirements to accommodate. Even if you’re the only one that wants to record it, they’ll still be willing to help you out if needed.

While some locations will offer the assistance of a local artist, if you’re a solo artist you’ll need to get permission to record from the management. Many studios will give you a one-month window to begin the session. Otherwise, some artists will set up their own locations and even set up a recording studio of their own.

What if I don’t sound right for the song?

If you can’t keep it steady, you can always record some of the music with your phone. It’s a little more time-intensive on your bank accounts though, but it may make the process easier.

When recording, you’ll want to do your best to stay on the spot. A lot of music video shoot locations require the actors to be able to move around the space in order to move their cameras and to set up for a different perspective after the shoot is over.

The easiest way to keep it from affecting your shots is usually to simply have the actors move with the camera. If you’re shooting in a large room, you’ll be using more space; if it’s close-ups, you’ll be shooting closer in order to accommodate those close-ups.

Can you record the actors while they’re in costume and then film it later?

It’s highly unlikely that an actor will be dressed for the part of a