How much does it cost to shoot a music video?

The film takes a little over 2 months to write and edit and is usually about 4-6 weeks of shooting time. What is the budget?

The total budget is about $18,000. It includes the following: Costs of film stock, camera body, lenses, film speed, editing, sound mixing, wardrobe (clothing and makeup), props, location fees, and insurance.

What camera do you use? Which camera will you use for your video?

I use a Nikon D500. It’s a Canon Rebel, so I need to shoot at about ISO 25-1600 with the ISO speed at least at 100. So I use 3 lenses:

One 70-300mm lens, about 70 to 80 mm (a bit of a zoom) can go on a full-frame. I don’t have to use a full-frame lens, all you need is the full-frame lens.

Another lens on the same focal length that is wide open, about 135mm (can be f2.8). So I use that, too.

A third 70-300mm lens for a long exposure – can be wide open.

How wide is the lens?

They’re pretty wide for street scenes and for cityscapes, so it’s good to have more than 100mm.

What’s the ISO of the lens?

ISO 800 (to be accurate) – the D500’s are actually a bit slow. My tripod will have to do that.

It sounds like a great time to shoot a music video. Why didn’t you do it sooner?

There were just some hurdles.

1. I wanted to follow the “Bridgestone” concept and look like a traditional fashion brand

2. I didn’t have time to write and edit a script.

3. I didn’t have a great track record in the fashion industry. That made things very difficult.

4. I felt the music was kind of unimpressive.

5. I didn’t feel that I had a strong enough voice with the song, other than maybe for the final song, “My Life” or “The Game Plan”. I didn’t want to do it unless everybody agrees a song is needed

The most interesting fact about your music videos is that you were one of the first photographers that started using flash. Is this a key part of your work?

For me as an artist,