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How much is a shooting day? They are both things you get paid for.

In these days of the internet, anything can be done online, as long as you don’t make your content public. That’s where Instagram comes into play. It uses the pictures you post on your Instagram account to show up when you search for people and places you’ve been.

If your image has the right caption—one of the first sentences of the caption that Instagram automatically pops up every time someone searches for you—it’s easy to show up at the right time. With your image, you can make a lasting impression and sell it to people in real time via search and on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

There’s an easy way to do that: post a picture of your car.

There’s a whole industry devoted to selling stuff on Instagram, from food that sells itself to fancy clothes that sell themselves. The internet is saturated with Instagram content—you could buy a book from the Internet and sell it for $100. So why wouldn’t you pay for that?

That’s where an Instagram ad—like a video on YouTube—comes in.

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You get paid either via Instagram Direct message or via your followers on Twitter.

All you have to do is post pictures of your car for your Instagram account. Just a good picture can get you in front of tens of thousands of people in minutes of your time.

I spent a year training with a car maker, which means that the most efficient way to make my car looks great is to post a picture of it. I bought a new car, had the car professionally painted and fitted (by a professional), and then took it out for a test drive.

You can also use the car maker’s ad team—which costs money—to help you get noticed by real people who will read the ad, share it through their social media accounts (Instagram has a dedicated Facebook page with over 300,000 followers), and then vote for it.

You can either use the ad to target the right people, who might share the photo, or you can make an ad specifically for your car. For example, you can use their ad team to get someone you know to buy a Tesla, when they normally would buy a $50 Audi A4.

So, if you’re a car company, you can pay an influencer to upload a picture of

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