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It’s like a movie – not really. But it’s not just a music video. When you get somebody else involved, it’s like getting somebody else’s film. It’s not just a bunch of kids walking around and doing the same thing, and the only difference is the music.”

Randy Orton’s career-defining entrance to WWE, his first WWE TV match

When asked exactly what they did for their careers in the squared circle, Roddy couldn’t remember. So I asked the rest of the brothers what WWE’s biggest challenges were, and all three of them – John, Booker and Kurt – replied the same thing.

“When they’re training, they’re supposed to be in there doing the same thing for two hours a day,” said Booker. “I mean, what we’re used to doing at home, and how we train it is very different. And to train it and not do it and get beat is kind of disheartening to the guy because you want to be able to go out to where you live and do what you do, but you have to do it in three different hours a day. They told me that, and I think that’s true because you learn fast. If you don’t get beat down by your opponents, they’ll leave you alone and do the whole thing again.”

“The biggest challenge for us,” Roddy said, “is that the company is run by Vince McMahon, and he loves to screw us over. They can get away with everything, and you know it. And it takes the fun out of it. You like the fact that everybody wants the job, and Vince loves to take all the fun away from him.

And we see this and we think that’s why we’re still here, and we’re glad we’re still here, because we know what it’s like.”

Birdsong & Music

Cherry Blossoms Bird Song & Instrumentals

This page is intended to include a description of the instrumentals from Cherry Blossoms’ music.

The music is played by the female robin. It is played in the order of “R”, “B”, “E”, “D” (when it is sung as two parts, the verses are read from a left to right and the verse parts are read from a right to left). The instrument was inspired by the Indian karoori, which the robin can’t sing, in part because the bird was born with no

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