How much should I charge for a 1 minute video?

Or how much time should I charge for my 2 minute talk? I’m a big fan of this service. Just ask the owner and he’s all too happy to tell you how much time you have. That’s the only way the service can live up to it’s full name The Ultimate Money Saving Service!

Absolutely great service. I ordered my new monitor while it was on sale. It was a little delayed by a few days (they promised they would deliver the monitor the evening before). My new monitor was delivered 2 days after that. The owner, Kevin, who I met on Yelp, is great. He helped me choose the best price from various sellers and made sure I was getting the best product. The product arrived in perfect shape, in a timely manner and was in perfect condition. I will definitely use this company again. Thanks!

Amazing service. I had a computer issue a few years back and when I called Kevin he was so helpful but then I called him back and I could really tell he’s passionate. When we talked about upgrading the computer it was about $200 and I wasn’t about to spend $150 on a brand new computer. The upgrade was all explained to me in the past month. The first step was to install the free driver and the next was installing the product on the computer. I have just installed the product which worked flawlessly. I now use this product daily and I have never ever had any problems. I will definitely use this service again and again. It’s great!!! I really hope to use this in the future!

This is a great service. I just purchased a new desk with an Xbox and a few monitors and the service is superb. The owner is really nice, he answers all my questions and is very helpful and helpful by example when it’s not his day to help. It makes paying for these things seem like a lot cheaper that it actually is. He was very helpful even when a customer got their mouse stuck in an area on the monitor and didn’t think to bring it up when it was stuck. He was able to get it fixed in no time and the customer was very surprised when they were able to use the internet with the mouse now. Overall the best price I’ve seen on any purchase so far this year! He’s pretty responsive in the mornings to get it done so I’m expecting more and better. Thanks Kevin and this really is an amazing company. I also want to thank the internet service provider who has provided me excellent internet service this year as