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A judge has ordered Ohioans to comply with a voter suppression law that will likely have a far-reaching effect on the way they vote.

In a move that is being seen as a test case for state laws and regulations, Judge Joseph Smith of the Franklin County Municipal Court announced his decision on Friday to block voter identification requirements in his district, where the deadline for early voting had already passed three weeks earlier.

Smith’s order did not provide a reason for his decision. He had previously issued an injunction ordering the Ohio Secretary of State’s office to continue to implement the voter-fraud requirements, but a lower court upheld the injunction. The Secretary of State is appealing the ruling.

“The State does not have the power or ability to compel noncompliance with an injunction. Therefore, the injunction becomes invalid,” he wrote in his order.

Ohio has a strict voter-ID law that has been criticized by civil rights attorneys as a pre-emptive infringement on civil rights. The law, known as Ohio’s “Election Integrity Act,” requires Ohio residents to present government-issued photo identification at the polls in order to cast a ballot.

The ruling does not impact the state’s

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