How much should I charge for a 30 second video? – Video Shoot Meaning

Should it be around $10 and up for short videos? Should it be $1.00 with the option for more?

The answer to these questions depends on the size and type of your content, as well as the length of your video and your ability to make a living out of it. As long as there’s a lot going on, a short video might work for you, but a video of a 20-minute presentation with very little footage (even though your project is great – it’s all good news to everyone) might prove to be less than optimal.

I have to get the best price for this content. How long do I need in a video?

As I mentioned above, it’s important to make sure that you offer a compelling value for time. Most of your videos will consist of one section that is an introduction, followed by a series of other sections – the content and the format of these sections will determine how much of your video you’re willing to produce. If you create a one-hour, 60-minute presentation, you’re bound to want two, and three. I suggest keeping the number of minutes of video to a minimum. (The more, the merrier!)

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What’s my audience looking for?

The audience you’re aiming to reach is going to be influenced by what they watched on TV and what they hear and read in the news. Your audience isn’t just going to look at your video and decide to subscribe to your channel. They need you to talk about what you’re doing and why. You need to explain how you are doing it – even on the first or second or third or hundred hundredth or thousandth or hundred thousandth of the video. That’s why the best product is a video that starts with you saying something – an explanation of your experience, what led you to do it, how you learned, what you hope your customers can learn from it, etc.

Is your brand well known or well recognized?

In some ways, your brand isn’t needed until you’ve already done your demo. Then you can move that focus. I get a good look at that audience through what I read on the web. Some people may not realize they have a need for a channel that talks about what they do – after all, they don’t follow any other channels. If you’re in this situation, take a look at your Twitter and Facebook pages, or at any of your blog posts, or any of your articles you’ve written

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