Is 5mp same as 4k?

Why have i not heard of it? The answer is to not have one? There would need to be either a lot of additional memory (like i said above) or a large update. It does not make sense to buy the cheapest model with 4k and then upgrade later when 4k is released?

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“What we have discovered is this: When we look at the history of the world that is being written, the story tells us that all of history has been an epic struggle against the forces of darkness. And this is true. We know that. And so we have decided to tell the story.” — J.H. Williams III,[5] commenting on how his books would be structured.[6] ”

The War of the Worlds has been the subject of two books by J. H. Williams III: The War of the Worlds: the History of an Epic Fantasy Series, and The War of the Worlds: Part 2: The Complete Story.[6] The books are set around the end of World War 1.[1] Williams was responsible for the series’ most famous cover, as well as a number of its other covers, as well as designing a number of characters, planets, and other aspects of the series.

The series has also inspired several comics, which feature a diverse variety of characters and cultures.

The war of the worlds, as the series is named, was the battle between humanity and the forces of darkness, in which the Axis powers prevailed over the Allies; it was considered to be the turning point of the World Wars, as it broke the stalemate between Europe and the United States.[7] The war, however, was not the only one; during World War 2 in Europe and North Africa, the United States and the Soviet Union waged what were to become world wars.[8]

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In the 1940s, when American and British intelligence realized that Hitler planned using a weapon to bring about the end of the world, they began plotting an alliance to defeat this menace.[9] The United States entered the war in March 1942 with the British, but by the time of the invasion of the Marianas Islands in the Pacific, the Axis powers were stronger; when, on September 17, 1942, the Axis launched the first attack on Pearl Harbor, the Allies did not invade until August 15, 1943.[10]

War between the Axis powers began in earnest on February 6, 1941, with Italy declaring war against Germany