Is GoPro good for music videos? – How To Film Yourself Walking

There are two main questions in this debate: how the GoPro works to create music videos, and what benefits it has over traditional editing tools (like an in-camera editor).

From a production perspective, GoPro video footage is more flexible (the camera can roll over to a different place in the edit without a cut), and it can be more edit-friendly, especially if you go out of your way to make your edited videos very editable – you get to use any file format you want (MP4 and AVI – you can change them at will).

There’s also an obvious, undeniable advantage to having a camera-mounted device that creates content quickly and without much processing. And, if you consider the cost of the device itself (the GoPro itself runs about $1,200, and the video editing software is about $70), the benefits of shooting and editing from within the camera are pretty clear:

Less setup

Less editing

Fewer things to worry about

Much quicker, more flexible processing

With its ability to roll over without cutting, the GoPro is an obvious option for producing music videos. There are no additional editing rigs required, and the footage that comes out of the camera is generally pretty clean when compared to more-traditional formats. In addition, the GoPro’s large screen makes it pretty easy to work quickly, especially since the software has a few key preset functions that can be easily customized.

You won’t have to bother looking for an in-camera editor

With the GoPro, there doesn’t seem to be much reason to look elsewhere if you want a similar creative tool to the one provided on Airstream and other camcorders and digital cameras. This means that when you need to shoot from the GoPro, there are a couple of ways:

If you’re a musician and/or film director (or a big music fan), the GoPro might be right for you – you can use the cameras’ video function to produce seamless edits for videos that are not otherwise editable, like music videos or short documentaries, or you can use their in-camera editing software to easily edit on-the-fly.

If you just need to edit a single song or two, or a few music videos for your band’s album, we can recommend some simple, free software programs that allow editing from within the GoPro itself, and that are well-suited to the rig.

These software programs can make it super easy to edit your music

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