Is GoPro good for music videos? – Learn How To Shoot Video With Dslr

Probably not, but you can do so much better than a stock camera.

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Juan K. Sanchez

The Giants first-round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, JPP has a history of improving his game year-over-year.

With rookie quarterback Eli Manning at the helm, the third-year pro has been impressive in two of the three games he’s starting.

There’s a lot of competition for the No. 3 spot in New York, but this is a critical year for the Giants for JPP to take another leap.

Manning has established himself as the leader of this young group, but his young legs and inexperience against the run have kept other youngsters from having a bright start to the season.

I have one of the best memories to date of sitting on a bench in a cold November afternoon with my parents and watching that film by Michael Mann about the events surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy. My brother, one of the four kids that I was then, was in the fifth grade at John F. Kennedy High School in the area where I lived when that movie was made. It was a Saturday afternoon, but the sun was shining. My brother and his friends were enjoying hot soup and corn dogs and playing catch in the back yard. One of his friends was a guy from the local library, who got in a car and drove south from the school on his way to work. So they were out in the car one minute, back in their own little world two minutes later.

But this man in that car did not look particularly excited to see something he’d seen 20 years ago. He wore dark glasses on a rainy afternoon. My brother remembers his dad saying something like, “If God created everything in six days, he must have made you today.” Or something to that effect. It was as if he was saying to it, “You will see a movie about the President being assassinated. Maybe you’ll find a book about it. Probably, not, probably not.”

We would’ve been sitting on the bench with my brother and he’d been just a few feet from that car when the car slowed down and stopped at a red light next to a small brick house. It had to have been a tiny house because they had no yard or parking, but he was certain the house was in the area to the southeast of the school where he and his friends were hanging around. There was someone in that car with him, too.

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