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New Zealand’s first national holiday has been announced. The new holiday, from the 30th December 2017, will provide a year’s respite for travellers from Australia and New Zealand to celebrate and enjoy New Zealand.

The new holiday is being described as ‘national and international’ and will bring New Zealanders together for the first time.

Auckland Council announced in May that 2018 was to be New Zealand’s first ever official ‘summer holiday’. The move is part of the Government’s aim to increase tourists’ use of public transport.

The holiday is expected to attract up to 500,000 New Zealanders travelling to Australia in 2018 and, although Tourism New Zealand says it should represent only one in five of all trips, its annual growth has been fast and it expects to welcome 50,000 visitors to New Zealand in 2018 through the new holiday.

As well as tourism, the new holiday will provide an opportunity for New Zealand’s young people to make history with the first ever ‘Māori National Youth Week’. This week will see thousands of free trips on school children and public transport.

The council stated that “Māori National Youth Week is a powerful opportunity to bring Māori people back to a vision of our country – a country welcoming those who believe in change and a country of fairness and tolerance. It is also a way to remind people that ‘Māori’ is an integral part of New Zealand’s diversity and our values.”

The New Zealand Council of Trade Unions and the Federation of Business Councils have launched a multi-million dollar advertising campaign to encourage people from other countries to learn more about New Zealand and its amazing people.

Tourism New Zealand is committed to building on the success of the 2017 New Zealand Kids’ Holiday Program to celebrate New Zealand’s cultural diversity.

This holiday has been dubbed a time for ‘coming home’ and will be promoted using a number of events. For more information, visit

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