Is there a demand for video editors? – How To Learn Video Shooting And Editing

What’s been the feedback from the users?

Nate: We’ve seen some interest from people who are very interested in video editing. In a very real way, it’s a market of people who are more interested in editing than viewing video.

Q: What else can we expect from you and SĂ©bastien?

Nate: We’re currently working on a couple cool things. We’ve actually just made a lot of progress in the 3D world; there’s a lot of new technology in the works. We’ve been working hard on getting the VR community together. Our team right now is really focused on VR and we’re trying to figure out what we can do for the 3D side of things. We’re also working on getting more people around the world involved in our content. A lot of times when a game becomes more popular and more engaged, there’s lots of people who are playing the game and playing it with their friends who don’t necessarily have experience in 3D. They’re creating content for their friends and playing games with their friends where you don’t have to wait until the next frame or frame after. We just really want to get more people involved in creating experiences.

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Q: What’s happening with the studio in terms of hiring? Have you hired yet?

Nate: We already have lots of people in place. We’ve recently gotten some cool hires coming in from the Unity 3D community and we’ve been really happy about the interest our community has shown. We’re really excited to have these people joining us.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

Nate: We haven’t seen a lot of people in our community creating new experiences and creating new games. I think that’s a big problem. So, my hope is that people start making more new stuff that’s really cool. This studio is really about creating really, really cool stuff—we really want to see more of those cool experiences.

Interview by Mike McArtor.

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But even without personal goals, the things you want to achieve may still still be out of reach.

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