Is video editing hard? – How To Shoot A Film By Yourself

And will it be a lot of work?

My goal is to create great videos that will be played on all levels. On YouTube, I use Premiere CC and I also use Adobe After Effects and Adobe Lightroom.

If you have been following on Instagram you probably also know that I was working towards getting in shape last year. This year I would be working on improving my editing techniques and I would be using the same techniques to make videos.

So, I wanted to get some work done so this year I am focused mainly on getting back into shape and I am pretty happy I did get a little bit of that.

And I also have been working on the videos with my partner who I met at work last summer. The best part is that after working together a few videos you get even better.

Did you use to work on the same project?

No, we worked independently so when he came to Toronto I was able to spend more time working on his stuff as well. We are now good friends.

Is it the same project?


In what ways do your different projects play out?

Last year’s video was directed by Paul Bae. This year’s video will be a mix between my work on his video and mine.

Last year my production team spent most of the time working on Paul’s video. This year they plan to do the same with my video.

So, how does your work differ?

For me the most difference is that now I have the freedom to spend more time on the quality of our editing. Because when you have a large team working on your production, you always want more speed and more freedom.

In the past I had to make some big changes in order to increase the speed of my work. And you see this in a video. You can see it more clearly in the video I sent you from my wedding. It was very different working on a video the last time I did something like that.

In general I think the production teams want to improve how much I can edit for my video, not how much I can edit for them.

Can you tell me about your favourite edit?

I work with Paul sometimes as an editor. He is the best editor I have ever worked with in my entire video editing career. It was quite an honor working with him.

To make a long story short, he was really good in making me edit my video

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