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There’s a great plethora of different ways to shoot a video, from high-end to affordable. So whether you are shooting for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Live, your own personal channel, or a commercial, you’ll need a camera that will allow you to take full advantage of your time.

For us, our primary concern was camera quality: we want it to be clear, crisp and clear, but there needs to be some minimal compression to make it look great on your video website.

And for video producers, we always wanted to use a camera that could handle video production and editing. We were aiming for a camera that has the right size and weight to work in the field or studio in a short amount of time, while also having all the features a professional would want, including video recording, editing, playback, and streaming.

And for that we used the Pentax K7 with 16 Megapixel Exmor RS CMOS sensor. Not only is it capable of taking HD videos at 30FPS, but it’s also a bit of a camera geek.

So if you’re looking into purchasing a camera, it’s a must to have high quality video and a camera that can record it in 1080p as well.
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Why do you use a tripod for your videos?

For a lot of video you need to be shooting from a stable position to maintain the focus of the video – otherwise, your video will have a noticeable jerkiness and will look like you’re taking a photo or video in your lens right when you’re focusing on where the subject is. We wanted a high-quality camera that has a very stable position for a while so we could maintain our camera at a steady 60FPS.

When we bought the K7, we already had an OLYMPUS 7 camera with us that was great, because it has a fixed focus. With Pentax K7, we wanted a tripod that would be an addition to your bag and not be an attachment to your camera. Because it’s a fixed focus camera, it was possible to keep it on fixed on your tripod and in front of you and still get a stable position for video shooting.

We did not want to use a cheap tripod, or be held by the camera to maintain it, so we set out to make our own with the help of our trusted friends, which is where we developed our proprietary tripod system.

Pentax K7 tripod system

How long for each shot

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