What cameras are used for music videos? – Dslr Video Production

Most music videos nowadays are shot with Canon DSLRs, the most popular being the Canon 1D X and 1DX for video. What cameras do you use to shoot a music video?

I use a Canon 1Ds Mark III and a Canon 1DX Mark III for music videos.

Is there a difference in the video quality between live music videos and short clips?

The most common format people choose to shoot live music videos is “HD 720p (2160p)” in 2K resolution, which is often the minimum available. Short clips are recorded to the SD card and have a higher quality (around 1080p) video output from the cameras, however the quality and frame rate is about the same for music videos. I recommend using the SD card with a high bit rate (2K) format for music videos.

Why do you shoot in 4k at 24 fps (frames per second) over 30 fps (frames per second)?

For this kind of video, it’s best to shoot in one of the newer 24 frames instead of just a single frame. To make sure that the video you take will look as sharp as possible, it’s best to shoot at 30 fps instead of 4k because it’ll give a smoother image on screen.

What about “digital image stabilization” on the video?

Digital image stabilization (DFSS) is the process of shooting video stabilization in the camera. It’s a technique that allows the video recording to be processed and “locked” when viewed via video. In other words, when the shutter speed is locked to a certain value, the video recorded in real-time is sharper, but the camera will capture as much motion as allowed by the computer’s digital video processor in real-time.

Why is it called DFS (Dynamic Frame Rate)?

Dynamic Frame Rate is what gives a video clip a different look when viewed by looking through the lens (a mirror for cameras that shoot 1.6K) or a video monitor, like those on a PC to watch a movie.

How do you decide what video resolution is best? Does the resolution of the image matter?

I don’t shoot with the highest-resolution possible, but I’m sure any digital video camera can shoot at 24 fps, so the resolution of the image will depend on the camera if it has a lens that can shoot at higher or lower frame rates.

If you shoot in 24 fps, do you have to reduce the resolution if

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