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Many of the cameras in a movie are stills and still pictures.

The camera’s primary purpose lies in the creation of still pictures and still-life film:

When a shot needs to be moved, a shutter release is held down. When a picture is taken, the film is rolled, shot, and the slide is moved. Both actions have an impact on the image.

When editing is conducted, the film or slide is removed and cleaned up, in order to return the image to the original state.

When editing is finished, the video is re-recorded. There are five film re-records and two slide re-records; most movies will contain at least five re-records.

In addition, the film will contain a few more still shots, some of which will be deleted.

When a frame has been completed (e.g. when the camera has captured a still image), the footage is then recorded; then the image is restored as desired.

What does it all mean?

For most modern cameras, a still picture or still-life film is taken for every frame.

As a camera’s focus point moved around the frame, the shutter speed was lowered or raised to capture more or less moving images.

You can see why this technique creates interesting imagery. Even if the camera has no audio, it may have a still picture in the camera’s memory (this may be a negative aspect of modern photography—film clips aren’t stored on the memory card).

What do all those images mean? Here are some examples:

What would an average movie look like like?

Some movies have a full camera menu showing all of the cameras that are present and what they can do. Others have one or two film re-records.

Another way to see what would come out of an average film session in a movie:

What do the film and slide re-records look like?

Can you turn off that last re-recording?

Is there any difference between the film and slide re-records?

Yes and no!

Both re-records should look the same but in a movie, sometimes the film can be altered slightly or the slide can be used in a different way.

Some films require film only in the re-record. Others allow the slide to be used in more than one way as long as it is used in

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