What equipment do I need to shoot a music video? – Video Production And Editing Training

Video Equipment Needed:

-An inexpensive computer (with a large hard drive)

-A 3rd party digital camera

-Two (2) SD cards from Amazon or one from Best Buy

-A DSLR (D800 or D3)

-An adapter and a USB dongle for your camera (or if you use a camera that doesn’t have one, a USB and an adapter on a USB drive)

-USB/D-Sub or USB/Mini Ethernet (for your microphone)

-A phone
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-A USB cable for your camera and your mobile phone

-A large file drive

-A hard disk for uploading to Vimeo or similar services

-Digital audio workstation (DAW) software and/or a DAW (a multi-track recording/mixing/post-production software)

-An HD video camera (you can use a cellphone that has a screen that is flat-screen, but for the most part a camera with a screen that is not flat screen will be the best option)

-An Internet connection

-The Internet connection will be necessary for your uploads to Vimeo and similar services

-To download, you can use a laptop or small tablet (a PC, iPad, or Android Tablet) that will be connected to the Internet

-USB or Lightning adapter if your USB cable doesn’t have one

-A digital camera and a memory card will work, but an iPhone, iPad, or a PC with a camera will be the most useful

What if I need to upload from an iPad or Android phone?

The iPad is particularly useful for uploading to Vimeo. To upload, all that need is a laptop and a few minutes to use an app like iPhoto that will allow you to drag a picture onto a blank square.

A better solution is to use Vimeo Mobile, a mobile sharing app that allows you to upload with a mobile phone.

How do I know if my video is going to be uploaded and not deleted?

In Vimeo, you can click on “My uploads” to see a list of all your recent uploads. You can sort by upload time, title, and date. If you don’t like a photo, you can delete it in seconds.

Will you change the upload order?

No, we don’t like to change the order, that is

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