What is the best backdrop color for video?

One of our most popular looks and color schemes. It has a subtle look, looks perfect with anything, in any environment.

We don’t use many textures to create a video, so we love to use simple black and white video. We use a combination of 2x and 3x on occasion, but the general goal is always 2x black and white. This makes your scene a simple, yet powerful one.

What is your background color scheme?

This looks like a bright colorful palette all the way through with a bit of green and brown all the way with a subtle effect of white and blue.

What are your go to video effect?

This is something we have been creating for a long time. We are really using this to add drama and mood to a scene. For example, we wanted to have the shot end in a dramatic way and when we were done we had all this emotion and music in a scene. We had people dancing, walking, and singing, and suddenly all of the emotion and atmosphere is gone leaving us in a dark environment and you are left with this beautiful, dramatic ending that was never there before.

How does using a color wheel fit with your style?

Color wheel is the easiest way to bring your video to life and create an experience that you simply can’t recreate in your video. We use a color wheel in all our videos and always have it in the background for things like camera movements, lighting, and more. It makes us think about our video, gives it personality that you can’t get through a simple color wheel alone. You definitely want to have a color wheel in your video!

How do you keep things interesting in the editing process?

We have a few tricks. We always have a reference point for what we are looking for in our edit. If we think something is visually interesting or if we are looking for something to add depth we will start looking at our reference source. In the video above, we were looking for a very dramatic close up on a female in a crowd, so after finding a photo of a similar woman we took notes on it in the editing.

You’re constantly being asked to improvise and make things look better. How do you manage to keep you from getting stuck (or making mistakes)?

We never stop improvising! A lot of my tricks are based on improvisation, so the more you do something the more fun you are having and the faster you get a good