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The United States is now the world’s top arms exporter, supplying the most weapons to countries with the next largest number of potential buyers in the world — China, Russia and other countries already armed the way America is.

That makes the U.S. a “gun power”—a term coined by Harvard University’s David M. Kennedy and others to describe the way that the United States is the largest arms exporter around the world, a role the U.S. military has been assuming for decades. The U.S. is now the top importer of military goods around the world, accounting for around a quarter of the world’s total.

The U.S. now produces 70 percent of all the weapons that the rest of the world buys.

“The U.S. is now the world’s largest arms importer.”

“The United States is now now the world’s largest arms importer for the first time in US history,” says Stephen Biddle, a political scientist at Arizona State University.

Of all of the wars going on around the world, the United States is the world’s number one importer of weapons, according to the arms trade tracker Conflict Armament Research. “What we’ve seen is a significant increase for the US.”

Of all the wars in the world, the United States is now the world’s number one importer of weapons. As I reported for The Intercept last year, The United States is now the world’s leading supplier of military hardware to the next biggest country, Saudi Arabia — and now also the world’s largest importer of weapons to other countries, according to an analysis of the Arms Trade Control List. (Saudi Arabia, like the United States, has a long history of covert support for the military and intelligence-backed “terrorists” of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt).

The U.S. is also getting into more foreign conflicts than ever before, according to Biddle.

“The U.S. used almost every military power on earth to achieve its agenda — and it all started with the Iraq war, and it didn’t end there,” says Biddle. “The US has

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