What is the hourly rate for a videographer? – Video Production And Editing Training

It varies. Some freelancers offer hourly rate of $10 and others are offered as low as $5 for short films. If you are on a budget and think about doing a long video or feature length documentary, you probably pay $10 per hour. Some companies also offer higher rates by commission.

How to find the best person

You would need to make an offer to him, but there is no wrong time for that and you should try to reach him a few days earlier than usual. You can offer your idea, as a piece of a larger project, which you would be responsible for.

You will have to make sure that at least one of them will be willing to do the job for you, even if they’re just going for the experience.

Make sure that you offer you a long term contract or an arrangement that you want to be on.

Be careful when you offer him a gig, as sometimes they’re not interested.

You can try and meet with him, but just be prepared to make him wait for 3 – 5 days or so before actually taking a look.

Be creative, you don’t have to be perfect. This might also be the case when negotiating other gigs, as some freelancers aren’t quite as savvy and can be a bit hard to find.

How to make sure that your interviewee will be happy

As I explained previously, you don’t want to do long videography without getting good value for your time, quality and money to be made. Here are a couple advice that I would strongly recommend reading and you have just learnt.

Find out if your interviewee is a fan of your project and are willing to give you some advice as to how you can improve and perfect it. If he/she is a fan and would even offer to help you, it’s an easy way to get the job.

Do you need a videographer for the entire project? It’s important to get your person’s opinion on this before you approach him, to make a proper contact.

If you can’t find the perfect person for the job, just ask for a meeting. In some cases you might find that more people than you originally thought are willing to be the videographer.

You can also consider starting your project without the videographer, as that way, you can give him time and freedom to start making the quality edits. That will in turn, save you a lot of time if the job

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