What is the longest YouTube video ever made? – How To Become A Successful Videographer

If you look at Youtube it’s a record for the longest video ever: the first ever “best-of” YouTube channel video is about 3 minutes long.

The longest video ever made by one of the channels of the most famous video creators of all time?

There is no more best-of channel video, yet the longest channel video ever created by one of the most famous video creators of all time?
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The longest video ever made on YouTube is only 45 seconds long and it started in 2005 when the most popular video creator of that time of all time, Youtuber Kookmin Kim uploaded his video “The best in life” to the channel. The video is a tribute video to his own greatest loves: music and video games. Kim was uploading his videos every day, but he did not have the popularity that you see in Korean video channels today. He just didn’t know how to make his videos popular.

On the other hand, a short but extremely popular Kookmin Kim video called “The best in life” is more than 10 times longer than the shortest video titled “The Best in life” on Youtube and a lot more time than the shortest “Best in life” on the Kookmin Kim channel:

How to make a YouTube video

To make a YouTube video you should know how to make videos. This can be a very good or a very bad thing for you. For a bad reason, make it yourself because you know how to make them better or you can find some help from someone who knows how to make them better. And if you want to make a good YouTube video you can either buy one or you can try to learn how to make one yourself. Just remember, your YouTube video does not have to stand alone, you can also make videos on other channels, but make sure you do a good job of what you are doing before you upload your video to YouTube.

The most important thing to know about YouTube videos:

1. Keep it short. If you want to make a YouTube video you need to post it when you need people watching. Otherwise, people will feel that YouTube can’t cope with many videos.

2. Keep your video funny. Don’t play with the humor because there is no way to do that without making some mistakes. If you start playing with the jokes but don’t come up with a good joke, people will think you are crazy. If you start making it funny on purpose then people will think

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