What is the most expensive music video? – Cinematography Shots

Hip-hop artist Diddy and boxer Floyd Mayweather. The two have both had a career of over $1bn in the past year and made very similar amounts this year so it would seem that, yes, their video for Floyd Mayweather is also expensive.

But it’s different for the music videos of rappers like Eminem, Pitbull or 50 Cent. These rappers get to make a music video for very little money but it seems that 50 Cent really wants to put together one of the most expensive videos of all time.

So what is the least expensive music video?

We’ve chosen our favourite song for each of the years since the beginning of the millennium. We hope to see if there are any other famous artists who we missed out on!

“If the country is under martial law, then the police must disarm all of us and hand us over to local vigilantes who will deal with the people who are in their custody,” says Amr Moussa, a 28-year-old student and student leader in the village of Gharbeh, which is about three hours from Homs city. In the village, he lives alone and has decided to make an unusual move: he’s going on hunger strike, which he did at the entrance of the village and was arrested again a few days later when a large number of residents were in his place.

A few days ago, Moussa was summoned to the town’s courthouse for a hearing on the validity of a complaint made by an elderly woman against him for the illegal possession of a gun. This woman had received a warning letter to her from the state’s National Defense Forces and was summoned to trial. Moussa admits he owns a gun himself.

It’s been nearly two years since the Syrian uprising began. But it is still relatively young, and there are many young people who live in the villages who are participating in the revolt. Moussa says that most of those who are supporting the revolution live in the villages, and that they all want to be in government in order to protect the revolution.

The revolution in the villages has begun with the first local assemblies that held some of the first demonstrations. Some were held in the townships, but many were held in the villages, where youths, women, and children demonstrated on the local squares and streets. A number of villages have taken this initiative themselves. They have created their own committees, they have put forward resolutions, and this has led to the establishment of councils.

One such municipality

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