Which is the best camera for video shooting? – Videography Tutorial

We could go in reverse order. If you’re looking for the best camera with the widest field of view, your best bet is the Sony Alpha A7S, because both cameras have the same 18.2 MP APS-C CMOS sensor, great in-camera OIS and built-in image stabilization. The Samsung NX1 has the smaller sensor, but a smaller 5 MP APS-C sensor, and a slightly larger 3.5″ display. Both of these cameras are pretty great at video recording but the Sony is more versatile, and the image stabilization will help make your video look good.

If you’re looking for the smoothest, fastest moving video, the Lumix GX7 should do the trick, because its a 10 MP APS-C CMOS sensor and a 14.3 mp LUT. There is an additional advantage to having a smaller sensor, though: It takes longer to make a video, because it isn’t making every single pixel brighter. But even when you’re making the same video, you’ve still got some room to improve and increase the quality. I’ve had great success using the GX7 with the Canon 5D MkIII, making 1080p 30FPS video.

In terms of sensor size, you’ll definitely want to think about whether the lenses you have will allow you to get good resolution with them. Both Nikon and Panasonic have decent APS-C sensors with 16 MP lenses, so you can expect something in the 3.4-4.5 MP range. The Zeiss Batis lens has a 7.5 MP APS-C sensor and a 23.3 MP LUT, so you can expect to get close to 4.5 MP.

Where can I buy them?

Nikon Fotodiox’s web store, sells both the standard GX7 lens (23 mm) and the 16 mm version for $699.99 plus shipping. There is a new 20 mm version coming soon. Panasonic should have both available in September, with a price of $799.99, and both will go on sale at Amazon on September 26th at 11:02AM Pacific Time.

For example, the 16 mm Fotodiox GX7 has a “sold as is” rating, which means that it’s not covered by any warranty unless you bought it previously from the manufacturer and didn’t care about warranty. As always with items of this sort, I have no warranty against the manufacturer for any

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