Which is the best camera for video shooting?

In one word: Canon.

What does that mean for DSLR photography, anyway? Well, if you are a Canon shooter with a 1.4x crop camera shooting on full-frame sensor technology and a Canon mount lens, that means that you are able to shoot with both wide and super telephoto lenses on the same sensor, with an exposure range of 1/6400 to full aperture. That means you can shoot with both the highest-end super telephoto zoom lens on the market at 24mm or smaller (for the highest zoom capability, you would have a need to shoot in very high-light situations) as well as a crop camera to get in the same field of view. And if you look at the Canon C300, which is a little less powerful than the full-frame sensors used for the C300S, but has a very similar viewfinder, then you see that you are able to use both a crop-style camera and a zoom lens that both have comparable zoom capabilities.

Why I Think Full-Frame CMOS Cameras Are Better

To make a long story short, for most people, it is really not much different than they have always been. It is also very simple. It is the fastest technology and it does not cost much more. So why would anyone care? When people can go out and buy a full-frame sensor camera with a full-frame camera mount, and be able to shoot in a reasonable area that they can walk around in, they’re pretty damn happy. The people who are not interested in that can just shoot with full-frame sensors on a smaller sensor camera. It can cost a bit more, but for most people it is pretty clear why.

If you are a casual photographer and are just looking for what you want, a full-frame sensor camera makes a lot of sense. If you’re serious about the quality of your images, you are better served with a zoom, a more limited viewfinder and a small full-frame sensor camera.

On DSLR Photography

For the most part, you’ll likely still have some problems shooting handheld with DSLR cameras. Most DSLR cameras do not give a good image of the whole subject, especially not when the subject moves. The main problem I have with shooting handheld with a small sensor camera is if you have a big crop angle on the camera body, it can be too wide and it’s difficult to get a nice shot. For example, if you have a 35mm