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SASKATOON, Sask. — The City of Saskatoon will start selling beer to those in the province who have been served with a “no shows” citation.

The city’s bylaw says people cannot drink in a public place that is off-limits to them “unless an exception is provided in writing by a police officer and confirmed with the municipal clerk.”

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No-shows citations can include alcohol-related incidents, but also not showing up, or not picking up the tab.

A city staff report says that at least 200 people have been issued with “no shows” since January 2016. The city hasn’t published data.

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The city says it will review the no-shows issue weekly, and has given the staff report that recommends “further action” to be taken.

Saskatoon’s new City Manager, David Maguire, said it’s “very important” that new drinking and driving laws were in place in time to help people make smart use of public space.

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He said it comes down to good communication, and educating people with young children.

Maguire said the city is also working with the provincial government on new rules for school grounds that will give school boards the ability to enforce the law for students.

Saskatoon Mayor Don Atchison says he wants to keep “getting things right,” which means making sure people who do get caught aren’t fined.

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