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Well, I think, as I explained in the post below, when you’re making videos and using a lot of the tricks I mention here it really is important to have a good idea of what you’re trying to show you’re going to show the viewer (i.e. the way the video works, the way it plays, which people are likely to find useful, etc.). My video is certainly all about getting people to watch it (rather than just talking about what’s going on in it), but I made this video to be very informative and a good starting point for the viewer:)

The cost of sound (and how it impacts cost)

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To get to the point, I’m gonna use an example, which is the one I am the most excited about:

What this video shows is a two-player game. If we look at the video it quickly becomes obvious that there are two different types of players: a human that’s using one of the two buttons in the video, and then there is a monster monster that’s using something other than the buttons:

To try to find this out I took two people out into the game to play it. I asked them two questions about the game:

The first ask them what they wanted to happen and the second what they felt should have happened. If they thought things shouldn’t have happened, they might say: “I want to kill the first player”. Other people might say things like “I want to fight the monster”. Here’s some other examples of different kinds of questions:

Here you can see how the type of questions that we asked varied wildly

Now let’s ask people about the video and compare them to the type of questions we asked them in the first part and how that differed. I’ve added in the video above which shows you what you’re going to have for the video:

For two people, I used this calculator to figure out how much it will cost to watch this video. This would probably be cheaper if I had used a different calculator to figure out this cost. Also, what you’re going to see is a video that I believe pretty heavily influenced the way people think about videos and videoblogging! (Although, to be fair, a lot of folks have come before me on this topic, though I’m new to the topic in particular).

You can see I used $0.99 as the cost per minute. For people looking at this as a cost per moment

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