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When we started looking at the demand for the Scream video, it took a while to see exactly what was going to be a problem. Scream and Scream 3 were both big films. There were a lot of them. So we had to start trying to figure out what we would actually end up needing to do. What was it we wanted to do? How were we going to deliver on it? How would we actually put all of this into the game? It’s not a very big number of people when you think about it, but it’s huge. I am not one to talk about all of the numbers or all the cost, but you have to do what you need to do. Then eventually you get down to numbers and you realize there is money to be made here. There was so much money to be made and there was even more to come. This was always the case when you are doing big projects and you are not making a big box office hit. You are just scratching the surface.

Did you ever think that the number of gamers was going to surpass the number of people who had bought it, right?


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You have a small team, and it’s not a marketing team. Did it ever occur that you were going to be doing marketing?

I think as soon as the video, as soon as we realized that we really liked the idea of Scream and it was going to make people want to play it, we said, “Let’s get something together and see if we can work with this.” It’s still working fine. The game still works fine. We just took the game down.

You were on the staff at the end of all of those campaigns to help with everything. But how many of those people actually played and got the game? Was anyone who didn’t actually get the game actually upset with you, and did any of them have a different reaction?

Some people really got into that game and some people had a negative reaction. There were people who were upset that they felt like it wasn’t a good experience at all. But the more we talked about it, I don’t think anyone really got upset at us. People got involved and it just came out the other side. We had our fun with it. People just got involved. I think one of the things we are going to take time with at GDC next week, that will be something we talk about with some people, is how we were in a position at GDC where it

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