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The scream of a woman is one of the most powerful images at an event like the Republican National Convention. And, of course, it’s often captured by the audience. But sometimes it’s by a person who has the ability to capture the scream.

We recently did an experiment. It involved going to the New York City Convention Center and watching more than 600 scream videos shot by members of the audience. We asked every attendee to send us a description of the scream they heard as they attended the convention. Then, we asked the participants to rank the scream in terms of loudness. The average rank of the screams is 16.6, while the highest ranked scream was 11.8.

There was one thing we found unusual: The average person who captured the screaming experience was white, male, and middle aged.

At some point after the scream, the scream video was shared on the Trump camp’s internal social Media accounts.

When the GOP convention was about to begin, the Trump campaign changed their Twitter account to use #CrookedHillary.

Why did Trump use that cry for help?

During the second presidential debate, Trump attacked Hillary Clinton via a cry for help. Clinton did nothing to stop the scream that Trump used.

We asked our Trump attendee pollsters to determine what was going on with the cry that Trump used, and how well it worked.

Trump supporters are divided on whether the Republican Party leader was telling the truth, but many are outraged at the “Crooked Hillary” meme. (Image Source: Facebook)

Trump did not want to give Hillary Clinton credit for doing something at his convention that Trump was able to capture with his voice.

Did Trump’s campaign know about and exploit a scream that the whole world got to see?

We asked our Trump pollsters to compare their data on the cry to the video. We compared how many people were willing to vote for Trump if he told their screams were not captured in the video, and how many people were willing to vote for Trump if the scream they heard was captured.

When the video came out, Trump supporters went ballistic. They attacked and accused reporters and others of taking the word of a man who clearly was not telling them how loud a scream sounded. But in fact, all that could be said by Trump supporters is that the shout from a man could not have reached that level of loudness without a lot of coordination and preparation.

Trump’s campaign probably knew

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