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When it comes to video, you need to use YouTube Analytics to determine your conversion cost. While the amount for which the YouTube cost is displayed may be large for some, it is not the be ALL or THE ONLY explanation in the cost calculation.

It is possible to set up YouTube Adsense to show the YouTube Analytics cost to the consumer who has already made a purchase on your website. However, this cost will be a percentage of the total cost, not a fixed amount as is the case with YouTube Analytics.

What is the Google Analytics usage in the YouTube video cost calculation?

The Google Analytics uses the visitor’s IP address to determine the visitor’s location when viewing an advertisement. To determine the amount for which the Google Analytics cost is displayed, your customer must have been located when viewing your YouTube video advertisement, not when viewing the advertisement itself. You can determine the Google Analytics’ usage by monitoring Google Analytics as follows:

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Go to a Google Analytics page, such as . Search the name that YouTube has in your Audience Tag on the left side of your Analytics console. Note that you will need to include the Channel ID and the URL (if any) you can get from the Channel ID page. The URL is optional, and could be used for display purposes (if you know in advance that your viewers will have watched your advertisement using the URL). At the bottom of the page for the Channel you wish to monitor, click the Google Analytics console. To select the Channel you want to monitor, select Google Analytics. In one-minute increments, the number of impressions (views) you would like to see on each page. For example, you have 2,000-5,000 impressions on the page you are viewing in one-minute increments. Click the “Cancel” button to save your changes. Repeat the process to create a new page, and monitor your numbers in the future. As you continue the audit, as the number of impressions on each page, the cost displayed will increase to reflect your increase.

How can I learn more about the YouTube analytics?

Visit to learn more about the Google Analytics.

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