Are life coaches legit? – How To Start A Creative Coaching Business

Yes and no.

Sure, they’ll know what to say about your daily routine, like what you need to eat to stay healthy. They won’t have to tell you how to live a good life. They won’t have to be the best parents on Earth. They won’t have to watch you get hurt. In all truth, they’ll be just a little bit behind.

The difference between these lifters and those coaches is that you’re the one who wants to know what it takes to work out every day to look how you want to look. You may be more flexible with your diet, more likely to be flexible with your weightlifting training program, and have more confidence in your life.

But if you want to talk about a lifter’s life, you get stuck talking about the routine. In fact, most of these coaches don’t care if it’s a routine or not, because it all has a place.

“What I can tell you is, at this stage in my life, I still want to take care of myself and, at least for the life I have, I don’t mind what happens to me,” said one lifter, who declined to give his name. “I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I’d be okay if it was not working for other people. What’s done is finished, you gotta move on.”

If you want a lifter to talk about the life, you talk about what makes him or her tick. You don’t want him or she to tell you whether what you do every day, or the way you eat, or how you train is working. You want them to tell you their dream, and what keeps them in a position to see it out the door. A lifter’s life coach will want to hear the goals they have and the life they have in mind.

“What I do is always on the radar,” a coach’s friend said. “If I can build up to it, they want to hear about it and then they want me to do something about it.”

How do you build a lifter’s life?

Forget the routine, it isn’t worth it.

“The lifter lives life by the decisions you make,” said one lifter. “Sometimes it’s that you have to be stubborn.”

There should be no shame or humiliation about not living up to your schedule. It’s called your body, not the coach.

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