Are life coaches legit? – Life Coach Business Plan Template

Life coaches are professionals who, for one reason or another, specialize in helping you create a career and be successful in it.

Many people consider themselves to be “lifers” – they enjoy life and it’s the little things like good food and exercise that they care about. The idea of being a life coach may sound similar. Life coaches are people who specialize in personal development, self-improvement, health, body image, career advice, personal coaching, and other fields.

But in the world of coaching, it’s a bit different.

There are many different kinds of life coaches. You’ve probably heard about life coaching services – for example, Personal Trainer, Exercise Coach, and Fitness Coach. But are these types of coaches good quality, or is coaching in all forms of life coaching really the same thing?

Let’s look at a few specific types of coaches.

1. Personal Coach

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The main advantage of a personal coach is that it’s personal with the client. As a result, this type of coaching is very beneficial for anyone who struggles to balance work, home, and social life.

A personal coach is typically someone you know well. It’s also a personal connection that can be incredibly powerful.

The main thing about personal coaching is that it takes practice, but doesn’t take long to become good at.

One key skill you’ll find is using the “you” persona to guide the client. A good personal coach uses a personal, nonjudgmental way – it’s not you trying to impress your clients, “you’re going to love it or hate it.”

2. Exercise Coach

While personal coaches are great for building a personal connection, their main advantage is with exercise.

In other words, because exercise coaches often work in a physical setting, personal coaches are best friends with their clients, and can work with anyone who wants to build a fitness career.

The personal nature of the exercise coach is the main reason why personal coaches often can make a better career choice – they can handle many more people, make more money, and have more energy than your average life coach.

3. Career Coach

There are plenty of career coaches on the market nowadays. But if you are just starting out looking for a new career in life coaching or fitness, look for a career coach who has some years of experience in personal coaching or exercise, and who is the right person for you.

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