Are life coaches legit? – Where Can Life Coaches Work

Are they really experts? And I wonder if it’s time to find out. As a coach, how often do you think you get to practice at the edge of your seat. As with any other aspect of life, it just seems as if the best coaches have the most fun. What if you could find out who those best coaches are?

Here is a brief profile of 3 top life coach on how to get the most out of yourself…

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Coach Dan D’Antonio, aka Dr. Dan, has built a reputation as being the “Guru of Life”. Dan’s coaching and community has been featured on all things motivational, and has been called a “guru of a generation”. Today, he has a following of over 12,000 people on the life coaching site, Life Coaching Network. Dan has been featured on over 5 National Television Networks, 6 national radio stations and more than 700 publications all over the world in the past 10 years. Dan is an Olympic Gold medalist in the 10K race, a four time World Champion, and an inspirational speaker on the topic of life and the self. His website features several books in the motivational range, and also offers a series of books for adults, including a best-selling autobiography.

Dr. Paul Graham is a successful motivational speaker, author, coach and speaker with an extensive list of awards. As a business owner and entrepreneur at the highest level for his online marketing, Paul shares his experiences, wisdom and tricks every day as well as the best way to develop your own. Paul has been featured on Bloomberg, NBC (NBC Nightly News), CNBC and Bloomberg Businessweek. He has also hosted a weekly radio program on the American Thinker that airs nationwide. Paul has published multiple books including The Power of Persistence and 10 Things I Learned Today.

“So, to recap, I love to get into life coaching because it brings out my inner badass and gets me over the hump of daily challenges,” says Dr. Graham about life coaching. “I love working with clients who’ve made huge life changes. I love giving out the keys to success,” says Graham, “It’s always something people say ‘Wow!! I’ve been waiting for that since I was a kid.’ And for me, I get to meet people and share my story.” Graham recently completed his 10th book, The 4-Hour Workweek – Learn the Power & Joy of Habits, which will be published in June 2011 and is a must read for those wanting to

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