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What is one thing people might know about you that they don’t know that you don’t want them to know?

One of the two.

How did the two meet? What did it feel like?

After I got on the plane, one of them came out and told me I was a good person. The other one looked at me and said, “You are a great person. You are a good man. That is enough.” I think he felt the same way. That conversation was so important to me because I felt that if I had not shared all this information with him, we could never have had the call together.

That phone call gave you all this insight into your own life that you didn’t have at all when you were coming off that stage. What was even more important to you than having that conversation?

Getting to spend Christmas with my mom and dad. That was the most important thing.

There’s been a lot of pressure, a lot of hype surrounding the new album. Did you worry that it would be the one that hurt or get criticized more than anything else?

No. I mean, everybody knows me. They knew that my music has always been my most important thing. They knew that my parents were the most important thing to me. They knew that I loved being with them. They knew that they loved me as much as I loved them. The fans saw me and they saw my heart beating. I knew that if I had my dad on the phone, I would never have to do that thing again. Because he is not afraid to talk with people.

After his appearance at the Grammys, Chris Brown also talked about his own career. What was the most unexpected part of that experience?

I just felt like the audience responded in a really wonderful way—at that point, it felt like they knew me. There was one guy that looked like he didn’t know me, but he was an actual friend of mine. He came up to us after my set—I asked him if he was there. He said, “I did. He said I was amazing.” I said, “He was saying it on his way in.” So for sure I wanted to meet him and do a photo.

Did you hear his story?

He came up to me after the show!
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Are you feeling like Chris has changed as a person since his Grammys success? What are you thankful for in

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