Can anyone be a life coach? – How To Market My Life Coaching Business

A – Yes, it can be done. But, just as we learned in kindergarten: “No one can be the life coach”.

Q – In the beginning, is it difficult to choose a career, especially when we have no idea what we are good at?

A – To be expected. This is life. You are either going to have fun or you are going to have a stressful day…and so on. However, when you really think about it, you discover that you really enjoy it. So, it’s possible.

Q What kind of career are you looking for?

A – A career with a lot of fun.

Q – There are more and more business schools, do you want to follow and become a business professor or do you want something else?

A – I like to do everything. I feel it’s a job that I want and I’m a little tired of the job…but the job suits me.

Q – Is university your dream?

A – Maybe…but it’s a dream…I can’t say I’m going to do that…I want fun every day…

Q – You want to live like in a mansion?

A – What’s the point?

Q – Do you want to write or do you like to do illustrations?

A – I can draw.

Q – What do you like best about creating illustrations?

A – It’s fun.

Q – Do you have a girlfriend?

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A – No.

Q – Can you share a secret about your job?

A – There are so many! I hope you will read this question one after another.

Q – What do you like to do?

A – I like to watch movies, I like to read, I like to draw and I like music…

Q – What is your relationship with yourself?

A – I see me.

Q – What is interesting for you?

A – I think that I am happy.

Q – Do you like the beach?

A – Yes, there are a whole lot of beaches.

Q – Do you like animals more than people?

A – Yes.

Q – When you are happy, are you always in good spirits?

A – I don’t care about bad fortune…I am always happy.

Q – Is

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