Can anyone be a life coach?

I mean, I can’t! I hate training because it feels like watching TV: nothing comes in until a little after midnight and then it’s over. I don’t believe in the old-age idea, either – I think about how old people should be, how they should get on and I have ideas about how I can do it.”

Curtis doesn’t have his passport on him at any moment. He won’t get a chance to take a selfie as part of his training routine on Thursday.

He knows it’s unlikely that a photographer is coming. Or a manager. But that might not matter a great deal – for Curtis, it’s more than any trophy in the world will ever bring him.

“Football, in my eyes, was a great game: for me, it was a great adventure: you went from South Africa, your life, your family, your career. It was a good year.”

He is no longer a child, or a footballing career is in the past. Even if he can never get another chance to play, there is no going back. That does not worry him. No one has told him so.

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When Donald Trump announced his presidential run in June 2015, he sounded an alarm about what he called the “rigged system” in the United States. But his rhetoric, especially since he became a Republican nominee, has become increasingly extreme. This week his aides revealed a new tactic that allows them to argue their candidate is not a threat.

This week Donald Trump’s aides released a new tactic that allowed them to argue the Trump campaign’s candidate is not a threat

Since the Republican primary, campaign advisers have repeatedly argued that Trump’s behavior is nothing more than normal debate tactics that, if applied, would effectively seal the nomination. Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski argued that if Trump loses the New York GOP primary he “could very well be sitting there for weeks to come and making money,” adding “he isn