Can you make money life coaching? – Child Life Coach Certification

Can you write a book?

I’d love for it but it just requires a dedication of time and energy to get the ball rolling.

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We were the first ones to do the whole coaching business model that’s been popping up for awhile now, I had an idea about two years ago, and now people are starting to come up and start doing it. But to me doing it is like a lot of other career paths, like the music industry, TV commercials…so it would have to be something you’d really love to do, even though it would mean a lot to me to do it I’m a hard working person so, it just wouldn’t be feasible for me. I mean I could spend a lot of time studying it, but I’m sure there would just be some other work.

Do you still feel that you’re making a lot of money coaching? I mean, you have a lot of people asking you for tips but is that how people expect to make money coaching?

I can say that my net worth in the past four months has increased by 30.000 or 45.000.00 dollars and since the launch last year of The Coach Project, a lot of things have happened that were not expected but it’s just something that I’m really grateful for.

What are some ways you’ve used The Coach Project to make extra money you’re not using?

The most significant amount is my sponsorship of a coach in my hometown of Tampa Bay, Florida. We do two things as a business, one is the coaching business, which basically happens when somebody gets up every day and takes the first step to coaching, and then also I put the financial support for the other business that I’m part of, which is coaching camps for college kids where kids do it for free.

It’s not a lot, but to me it’s a small part of the job that I really enjoy, and I’ve also donated my time to teach at a handful of coaching camps, some of them on the side and others are paid jobs. We do that, it costs us about $30,000.00 a year per school and I’ve actually made $90,000.00 in one trip. We usually do it twice a year and it’s like a huge chunk of my income.

There are a ton of people that make a living coaching, even though I think that the vast majority do very well I think I’m kind of the exception to that. I just make a lot

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