Do celebrities have life coaches? – Life Coaching Business Card Examples

They do. Many celebrities have learned more from life coaches than they have gotten from books or movies or whatever else. If you were to ask me I would probably tell you to take it slow. So I’m interested in whether or not you consider yourself to be a life coach in the sense of being able to give advice at one point in time or to give insight into the lives of others. The answer is no.

Now, I’m probably biased and may even be giving you a too-good-to-be-true answer if I say I’m not a life coach. But I feel like I’m on record saying that I’ve never met a human being I admired or who helped me make a better decision. The same cannot be said for almost everyone else I’m aware of. I think if people started coaching celebrities, they’d have no problem. We need more opportunities, more opportunities, more opportunities to meet people who can help us. What does that mean though? Well, for starters it doesn’t mean we need to hire them. If you’re a celebrity it probably doesn’t help that you’re one. But if you’re an actual human being like you say you are, then it might. And when you’re in your everyday life, then how is that all that different from a life coach? So I’m just asking.

C.J.: I’ve recently been working on a book that will explore and celebrate the careers of people in all different walks of life—the stars, the musicians, the athletes, the comedians, the journalists…the non-celebrities. I thought about a lot of things and wrote this blog post just to get people thinking. I think there’s a lot that we all do that isn’t on the radar. If we’re all doing stuff that’s actually important to our lives, then you might have as good a career as anyone in public. You could have a pretty amazing life even if you go through a lot of problems or go through a lot of shit. But your life won’t be pretty and your people might have pretty great-but-not-as-good-life stories. So here’s my plea to fellow celebrities. Try to help people, but don’t try to be all things to all people—you’re really a celebrity at the end of it. So ask and answer questions, maybe give advice, just help others. It gets a lot easier when you become an honest person.

As for yourself, there is something about you that

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